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​I am a 22-year Kent resident, a former business executive, and a business and community affairs consultant focusing on technology and non-profit technical assistance. My long-term role as a consultant and volunteer with multiple organizations demonstrates my leadership in the community, particularly on education issues. One challenge facing families and schools is the lack of proper communication channels and the necessary support systems to ensure that every child succeeds in school and in life.  With your support, I will ensure that all children have equal access and opportunities to reach their full potential. Please reach me by Facebook, by email at: mayaveng@gmail.com, or call me directly at 253-638-7190.  Thank you very much and I look forward to meeting you soon!  My goals for our district include the following:
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Strengthen Communication

Encourage Partnerships

All students deserve access to a rigorous, quality education and the skills to qualify for local jobs. Students and families must understand opportunities available at each school to ensure students are college or job-ready upon graduation.

We must do everything possible to raise awareness of school policies and procedures, and use all available tools to ensure families stay informed of events affecting their student(s).

As an active community/school volunteer (10+ years), an engaged parent, and a former business executive, I understand the importance of supporting our kids so that they reach their full potential and providing the tools for educators to gain access to resources to educate children.  

Increase Academic Excellence